A design system for Australia

A great flag can give more than just colours to represent a nation. They can give a design system that extends the symbolism, a visual language that represents the country.

This design, with the star and the chevron, gives us a common represenation of Australia, owned by all of us.

Construction Sheet

The flag's ratio is 1:2, the same dimensions as our current flag. It can be drawn on a simply grid.

The Unity Flag Measurements - A 1:2 grid divided into two halves. In the left half, a centred eight pointed star, with an outer diameter of 18/32 and an inner diameter of 9/32. In the right half a chevron is drawn from left to right, one quarter the width of the flag, creating two triangles one quarter width and height, in the upper and lower right hand corners of the flag.

Every national flag occasionally needs to work in other formats, at international sporting events, or at the United Nations:

Alternative aspect ratios for the Unity Flag of 3:5 and 2:3

An Australian Palette

The field of blue has been lightened to better match the palette, to let our blue work better with green and gold. All while keeping a strong connection with our current flag.

We retain our iconic sporting green and gold, picking the green from the iconic Wallabies and baggy green to complete our national palette, keeping the gold of our current colours.

State Flags

Ten points if you can correctly identify every state and territory flag of Australia. If you can't, maybe it's time for state flags that are distinctive and recognisable.

States and Territories have been making these decisions for themselves for a long time. But here are a few ideas to get us started. Each extends the design system and incorporates the colours of each state and territory:

A state flag proposal for ACT


A state flag proposal for NSW


A state flag proposal for NT


A state flag proposal for QLD


A state flag proposal for SA


A state flag proposal for TAS


A state flag proposal for VIC


A state flag proposal for WA


Military Flags

These design submissions, by Daniel Truslove, give the Australian Defence Force a renewed RAAF Ensign, White Ensign, and gives civilian boats a new Red Ensign.


Air Force