A federation star

A flag for all Australians.

When the King of England approved the Australian flag, we inherited a defaced British Blue Ensign to represent us. But these days our British colonial flag represents less and less of the true breadth and diversity of the Australian community.

We're a country forged by pioneers working for a better life for ourselves and our families. From the first Australians arriving sixty thousand years ago, to our newest Australians arriving from across the globe, we all call Australia home.

We're stronger because of our diversity, not without it. We're united not by a common ancestry, but a common effort to build a better nation together.

Now, more than ever, it's time for a strong symbol of unity for all Australians:

The Unity Flag

Unity Flag : A flag for a united Australia

Drawn from Australia

Its elements feel familiar, honouring the flag of the last century. Adding to this, we introduce a chevron, a golden boomerang, pointing to a brighter dawn.

A federation star on our starry blue night, to reflect our rich history. A golden chevron / boomerang points towards the fly. In the corners, bright light to symbolise the daybreak, our future.

First Australians First

Federation brought the states of Australia together, but it was a process that left out Australia's first peoples. Adding a first point for First Australians, we continue our progress to a united Australia, and recognise the worlds oldest continuous culture, like we should in our Constitution. A federation star of eight points, one for First Australians, one for Australian Territories, and one to represent the Six States of Australia.

Eight Pointed Star?

Did you know? Fifty years before our seven pointed star, the eight pointed star became one of our oldest symbols of Australian democracy and Australian independence.

The flag in Action

The Unity Flag is a recognisable symbol seen across a stadium and stitched onto our bags. It provides a strong set of colours, and a graphic style that becomes uniquely Australian:

Does this check out?

Flags need to meet a few basic design principles to work.

  • Simple enough so a child can draw it.
  • Uses meaningful symbolism
  • Uses 2-3 Basic Colours
  • No letters, no seals
  • Distinctive at a distance
  • Totally works in emoji